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The Chronicles of a Black Gay Fresher

15th September 2021

Dating apps, dancefloors and downright racist encounters Starting university for me was an opportunity to explore who I am as a young, Black, gay man. I figured that going to a new city with new people would allow me to fearlessly express who I am without the worry of bumping into unpleasant old classmates or ...

Faith, sexuality, and tiny victories

9th December 2020

In response to Pope Francis’ support of civil unions, Theatre Editor Ananya examines the complicated relationship that often exists between faith and sexuality. The human soul is a moth, attracted to the light that is the joy of being loved for who you are and being accepted as part of a community. For centuries, we ...

Picking a bone: the word ‘q****’

16th October 2020

Why we shouldn’t be using “queer” as a catchall for the LGBTQ+ community. Growing up keenly aware of my complicated relationship with gender and sexuality definitely changed how I viewed myself as a teenager – alongside with how others viewed me. I was never fully open to anyone but a few close friends in my ...