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Being an incel isn’t as redpilled as you think it is

22nd November 2021

Don’t know how to spot an incel? We’ve got you covered. A few months ago, the UK was devastated by a mass shooting in Plymouth where five people, including the gunman’s mother Maxine Davison, and three year old Sophie Martyn, were murdered by Jake Davison. In the lead-up to these attacks Davison had uploaded Youtube ...

The perils of poaching: is it eliminating the ecosystem?

21st October 2021

Whether for paychecks, power, or pleasure, poaching has serious implications for us all. What kind of person enjoys hunting, killing, and capturing wild animals for fun, for money, or for sport? It wouldn’t be me. Yet, for some reason, poaching persists as a pertinent problem, worldwide. Thousands of species of animals – from elephants and ...