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The depiction of Glasgow in books

20th November 2022

Angelica gives her perspective on reading Glaswegian literature as someone who moved here for University. Douglas Stuart’s novel Shuggie Bain, which won the Booker Prize in 2020, joins a long list of rich, and at times, dark, depictions of Glasgow in literature. His story was rejected by 30 publishers before going on to be the ...

Shuggie Bain: a story of poverty, addiction, and Glaswegian masculinity

24th December 2020

Lucy Dunn reviews this year’s Booker Prize Winner by Scottish-born Douglas Stuart. Starting and ending with a teenage Shuggie living alone, parentless, in a Southside bedsit, Douglas Stuart’s debut novel is raw, gripping, hopeful and devastating. In 1980s Thatcher-era Glasgow, the language is violence and the currency is sex. Not the commonly-portrayed white-collar patriarchy so ...