Do we have a right to smoke?

7th May 2022

In light of a potential rise in the price of tobacco products, Rebecca considers whether we have the right to smoke. As you may have heard, the UK government is considering raising the age of purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 25 in an attempt to reach a smoke-free country by 2034. In theory, this ...

Puff puff: I’ll pass

3rd May 2022

Has the “Smoking Kills” campaign actually killed smoking? The memory of your parents telling you, in my case multiple times, not to smoke feels like a ubiquitous one. It feels like a piece of wisdom so normalised it belongs in the “talk” category; you have the drug talk, the sex talk, the drinking to excess ...

Recent study finds link between tobacco sales and proximity to schools

4th December 2020

The study, involving academics from the University of Glasgow, determined that banning cigarette sales near schools and playgrounds would significantly decrease the current number of shops with tobacco licenses. A research group consisting of academics from both the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh has published a study that shows a ban on ...