Review: Drunk Tank Pink by Shame

7th March 2021

On their sophomore album the South London outfit significantly deepen, mature, and ultimately improve their post-punk sound. Never a nation to be outdone in terms of angst, British artists have been at the forefront of post-punk’s recent rejuvenation. Bands like IDLES, HMLTD, Fontaines D.C., and The Murder Capital (to name just a few) have been ...

Nathan Evans: “The fact that everyone’s feeling alone … a sea shanty gives you a feeling of togetherness”

2nd March 2021

The Glasgow Guardian interviews Nathan Evans; a former postman from Airdrie who found overnight fame when his covers of sea-shanties blew up on TikTok, gaining viral fame and a three record-deal. I’ll admit it – I’m far too obsessed with TikTok for my own good. And, as the overly avid fan of the app that ...

Review: Spare Ribs by Sleaford Mods

6th February 2021

Unapologetically sharp and charged with opinion, Sleaford Mods return with Spare Ribs, a record which, despite an attempt to carve an original sound, fails to take chances – and pales in comparison to earlier works. The most immediately appealing aspect of Sleaford Mods’ latest record is its title. Spare Ribs: it summons up some vivid, ...