Soundtrack of my life

An album that soundtracks my life: Life in Cartoon Motion by MIKA

1st February 2021

For our next instalment in our ongoing series, Lucy Fitzgerald celebrates MIKA’s infectiously upbeat debut album Life in Cartoon Motion. While snubbed by music critics, Lucy maintains MIKA’s debut contains a pop optimism and male flamboyance which is yet to be matched by today’s top music figures (with the exception of Jojo Siwa). Life in ...

An album that soundtracks my life: The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga

10th December 2020

Hugo McGregor looks at life B.G. (before Gaga) and after the release of her iconic The Fame Monster. Historians use the term B.C. (before Christ) to mark the period of time before the birth of Jesus Christ; a seismic moment in history. It follows, then, that if a historian were compiling a chronicle of my ...