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Romantic book tropes that need to stop

18th December 2021

Photography and Illustrations Manager Dorota Dziki talks us through the romantic book tropes that would be undoubtedly creepy if they happened in real life. The unfortunate reality of trying to enjoy a good book is that there most likely will be some sort of creepy or weird romance or romantic trope forced upon us to ...

Stop romanticising my country: Australia

7th December 2021

The first instalment of our new series explores the stereotype of Australia as a “perfect vacationland”, a gross contradiction of the terrors of its history that are still active today. I’m sure I’m not the only Australian that frequently gets asked why I’d ever want to live in the UK when I could be back ...

Put your money where your mouth is and stop funding the climate crisis

29th November 2021

Protesting is a great way to get involved in activism, but if your actions don’t back up your words, holding a sign is pointless. Everybody loves a protest. You get together with friends, paint a witty yet politically astute sign, feel part of something bigger and – critically – have an excellent excuse to avoid ...