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Tips inspired by the “low maintenance beauty” TikTok trend

27th March 2023

Genevieve Brown shares her suggestions for streamlining your beauty routine. “High maintenance to be low-maintenance” is a fun, recent TikTok beauty trend. The term accompanies videos of people offering time-saving beauty tips. The first video of this kind I saw showed a girl painstakingly contouring her face with fake tan so as to avoid the ...

Should phones be banned from clubs?

27th March 2023

Anti-phone policies can produce unexpected benefits, but can also lead to difficulties for clubgoers. Clubs exist for hedonistic immersion, and outside factors should surely be left at the door. But when you have a connection to the rest of the world in the palm of your hand, how can these ideals coexist? Disconnection is surely ...

A history of the manwhore

27th March 2023

Haris explores how terminology in relation to promiscuity has changed. If you time-traveled back 60 years and called a man a “slut”, then a strong violent reaction would probably be gathered and chaos would erupt. People were much less open-minded and tolerant towards conflating terminologies used across genders. Of course, people were also much more ...