taylor swift

Genre trouble: niche or needless?

9th May 2022

Are increasingly specific genre divides a help or a hindrance? he music listening process, whether through vinyl or a streaming service, finds that each sound is distinguished by its correspondence to a genre or musical period. From rock and punk to pop and grime, we find ourselves unconsciously guided by the existing structures in music ...

Albums of the Year 2021: Red (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

24th January 2022

Last but by no means least, Taylor Swift’s singular vision is made crystal clear on our final album of the year: Red (Taylor’s Version). Marking an epochal moment in the most recent leg her career, Taylor’s return to 2012’s Red highlights her musical and emotional maturation. Bringing to light both previously unreleased tracks, as well ...

Review: All Too Well

12th December 2021

Symbolic scarves, emotional scars and getaway cars, Rachel analyses the cinematic expansion of the iconically long tirade from a wronged past lover: Miss Taylor Swift. The Red album arrived when I was 12 and soon became an all time favourite, as it accompanied my formative years. All Too Well was always the stand-out song for ...