Translating artworks into the language of gastronomy

28th February 2021

 Artistic appetizers at the Uffizi Gallery. Although various forms of technology have increasingly been applied by cultural heritage institutions, the Covid-19 pandemic has sent them further into the digital space where all of us, whether we like it or not, are living at the moment. Among many galleries and museums worldwide, the Uffizi Gallery in ...


18th December 2020

The harsh realities of a tech-less world. The date was 11 November 2020. It was just after midnight. The sky was dark, everyone in the flat was asleep, the world seemed so quiet. I stared at my screen as the symbol turned and turned and turned and turned. My midnight snack lay at the bedside, ...

The writing is on the bathroom stalls: we deserve better period products

12th December 2020

Where are the good period products in 2020? Back in September, Pantone made headlines by unveiling a new shade of red inspired by the colour of periods as part of a campaign to try and destigmatize menstruation. Now, I’m all for accurate menstrual representation in the media. This move from Pantone was positively progressive compared ...