The Glasgow Guardian

Electric energy at UGRacing

2nd March 2021

Senior members of the UGRacing team spoke to The Glasgow Guardian about the team’s exciting plans for the future. So much seems to have stalled over this past year: wedding dates have been postponed, travel plans have been delayed, but UGRacing has been making exciting progress. The University of Glasgow team which competes in Formula ...

New Year, New Glasgow University

1st February 2021

UofG has a lot of growing to do this year. As we step into the first days and weeks of a new year, it’s customary to pause and take stock of our lives, to look inward, and decide which habits we wish to shed and which we want to continue, and in doing so we ...

The spy who lectured me: five things you didn’t know about The Glasgow Guardian

17th September 2020

From conspiracy theorists to CIA spies, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Chloe Waterhouse delves into The GG archives to unearth some revelations. In 1932, The Gilmorehill Globe was conceived, a four-page spread that included strings of rhyming poetry called “Globlets” and a feature honouring the Duke and Duchess of York’s attendance at the University graduation ceremony. Fast forward ...