Does the UK have a transphobia problem?

2nd March 2021

Carmen Blaque discusses some of the institutional barriers faced by trans people in the UK.  Transphobia exists in many forms. It can be deliberate, demonstrated through bullying, abuse, and violence, or it can be indirect, ingrained in institutions such as the NHS, universities, schools, and the police. Stonewall, a UK LGBTQ+ charity, report that 42% ...

The Matrix is about trans people – and so is every other movie

22nd November 2020

Goose Masondo explains the significance of trans allegories in our favourite films. When you think of queer cinema, what comes to mind? Perhaps Brokeback Mountain, the classic gay cowboy romance? Or Blue is the Warmest Colour, the catalyst for lesbian awakenings everywhere in the early 2010s? Or perhaps even more recent additions to the canon, ...