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Sport of the Month: Ultimate Frisbee

5th April 2023

The Sport of the Month series continues with April’s sport of the month and sustainability club of the year, Ultimate Frisbee. FarFlung Glasgow University Ultimate Frisbee, the 2023 Winners of the Sustainability Award at the annual GUSA Ball, is The Glasgow Guardian’s Sport of the Month for April. Club Captain Alice Bates discussed the welcoming, ...

A love letter to my ultimate comfort film: D.E.B.S. (2004)

18th December 2021

Dora reflects on her favourite movie, the iconically queer school girls-turned government agents comedy romance. When I first had the dawning realisation that I might not be the bona fide heterosexual I had convinced myself I was, I naturally had something of an identity crisis. As a confused, insecure, and late-to-the-party queer person, I turned ...