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Health and environment: the disputed ban of disposable vapes

21st March 2023

The Glasgow Guardian outlines a range of student opinions regarding the Scottish Government’s proposed ban on disposable vapes. Led by Green MSP Gillian Mackay, a ban on the use of disposable vapes is currently being discussed in the Scottish Parliament. A large consideration in this proposal is the use of lithium batteries and the threat ...

New data shows 8 out of 10 Scots concerned about young people vaping

30th January 2023

A new survey has revealed that over three quarters of people in Scotland are concerned about the use of vaping products in schools (83%) and the marketing of vaping products to young people and children (82%) – with those answering ‘extremely concerned’ and ‘quite concerned’ combined’. The survey was commissioned by the charity Asthma + ...

Puff puff: I’ll pass

3rd May 2022

Has the “Smoking Kills” campaign actually killed smoking? The memory of your parents telling you, in my case multiple times, not to smoke feels like a ubiquitous one. It feels like a piece of wisdom so normalised it belongs in the “talk” category; you have the drug talk, the sex talk, the drinking to excess ...