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How I experienced the record-breaking heat waves in Southern Europe

7th September 2023

International student Su recalls her summer in Turkey, as heat waves and wildfires affected the daily lives of locals and tourists. Whenever I tell my friends how warm it gets back home in Turkey, they always say they wish they could also have such warm weather without having to travel for it. While I find ...

Scotland’s nature is burning, and there’s nothing we can do about it

21st April 2022

Tristan Rees describes how the increase in wildfires across Scotland is indicative of how we are ignoring the devastating effects of the climate crisis. In March, Gruinard Island in Wester Ross was enveloped by flames. Once used for anthrax testing by the military in the 1940s, the island was declared anthrax free in 1987. There ...

Mr. Red Sky, please tell us why

16th October 2020

Rebecca Scott shares the story behind the nightmarish red skies that should keep us awake at night. Social media has recently been inundated with pictures of San Francisco under a nightmarish red sky. These sensational images come as a result of extensive wildfires burning across the west coast of the US, with fires having thus ...