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From Wordle to Crosswords: How Word Games Are Making a Modern Comeback

24th February 2024

 A look into the, perhaps unforeseen, rise in popularity for word games and crossword puzzles, and yet newspapers are still on the decline?  With Wordle past its 900th daily puzzle, and an ever-increasing number of similar games at our fingertips, it seems word games and puzzles are back in fashion. Crosswords, which have been a ...

Is Wordle a form of Wellness?

4th April 2022

Far from being just a silly puzzle, Wordle is good for our cognitive health. Wordle is the latest online craze at the moment, having just been bought over by The New York Times after exploding in popularity at the beginning of the year. However, according to a study by neurologist Douglas Scharre, MD, director of ...

Wordle: fad and fun

15th March 2022

 Rebecca Richard dissects the Wordle trend growing on social media and the impact it can have on users. Typing “AFTER” into my phone has become my new morning ritual, willing the little black squares to flip to green, or at least yellow, for me to feel accomplished at the start of my day. For those ...