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Clocking Out: Chasing the Dream of a Four-Day Workweek in the 21st Century

24th February 2024

Writer Leonard Hockerts looks into the social and political issues associated with adopting a 4 day work week – and whether it is somewhat inevitable. In the 1930s, economist John Maynard Keynes famously predicted that, by around 2030, a 15-hour workweek would be the norm. It is now 2023, and in the UK the average ...

Glasgow’s first working female rector is officially installed in the University

20th July 2021

The Honourable Lady Rita Rae was welcomed by the Principal and SRC President in Bute Hall on Thursday The Honourable Lady Rita Rae has made University of Glasgow history by being the first female working rector to be officially installed at the University. Following her introduction and installation led by Ella McCabe, President of the ...