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Thought experiment: a post-terror world

24th October 2021

Writer Eryn Browning discusses the possibility of the eradication of extremist movements and terror groups. Terrorism can be defined as any illegal violent act carried out in order to further a political goal. In the two decades since 9/11, terrorism has been becoming an exponentally bigger threat in peoples’ minds – shaping views on war, ...

Future World Changers: changing the world through poetry

14th January 2021

In this article, The Glasgow Guardian interviews Shehzar Doja, founder of The Luxembourg Review, and a PhD student of Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. Shehzar’s passion for poetry and the impact it has had on his life made him want to use it to change the world. This ambition prompted him to apply ...

A world changing uni?

8th January 2021

UofG was named THE University of the Year 2020, but does the award really mean anything for prospective students? At the end of 2020, the University of Glasgow was awarded the title of Times Higher Education’s University of the Year. The judges cited efforts by the University to uncover its historic links to slavery and ...