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Qatar World Cup 22: The draw that had the world watching

19th April 2022

Befouled by Qatari sportswashing, the 2022 World Cup Draw boasts some tantalising matchups. The 2022 World Cup draw, highly anticipated among football fans, took place on 2 April. Nations across the globe have been competing since June 2019 for a spot in the prestigious tournament with a few places still unfilled. The stuttering Jermaine Jenas ...

The 2022 Qatar World Cup: a competition veiled in corruption and cynicism

7th February 2022

Less than 12 months before kick-off, the world looks on, stagnant and bewildered. While no one expected anything different from the ghouls at FIFA, it continues to remain an enduring discomfiture, that over a decade after their decision to grant the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, amongst widespread global indifference, the tournament remains on course ...

Diego Maradona: The Golden Boy

27th November 2020

On Wednesday evening the world was brought the news that Diego Maradona, arguably one of the greatest footballers to ever have played, had died aged 60. Diego Maradona is regarded as one of the greatest men to have ever kicked a football, idolised by hundreds of millions worldwide. When you think football, you would not ...