Thoughts on The Hill We Climb

1st May 2021

Gorman’s poem is an inspiring call to be the light the world needs. As the 2021 Presidential Inauguration was due to commence at the Capitol Building, the digital format could not subdue the palpability of a despairing hangover from an insurrection that had occurred just two weeks earlier. This inauguration was a crucial moment to ...

Review: Home Body by Rupi Kaur

2nd March 2021

A poetry collection that only scratches the surface. Home Body is Rupi Kaur’s third work, following her widely-acclaimed and hugely-popular first and second poetry books, Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers. The Instafamous poet has been the recipient of commendation and criticism in equal measure. Before I dive in, I need to ...

A journal of one’s own

20th September 2020

How journaling can help you unwind and relax during the whirlwind of university life. Entering the world of university can be a tumultuous experience that leaves you running for emotional shelter. Especially in first-year, when socialising is prioritised at the expense of me-time, stopping for a moment and jotting down your thoughts can be vastly ...