Freshers’ Week 2008 – Freshers’ Ball – QMU

Sarah Smith

Students queued for over an hour to go the QM Freshers’ Ball on Thursday, with the reward of free pizza once they were inside. Girls in full-length ballgowns and boys in kilts and suits, mingled with those who interpreted the ball theme more loosely and turned up in jeans.

The music consisted mostly of the typical radio-friendly, crowd-pleasing tunes, the kind of songs you think are awesome when you’re very drunk but not quite so good when you’re sober. Although it clearly wasn’t to everyone’s taste, the DJ seemed to keep the crowd happy, although that may have been more due to the free pizza and cheap drink.

Elaine Fernie, 18, felt that the event was one of the best Freshers’ Week had offered. She told Guardian: “I think it’s brilliant and is definitely the highlight of the week so far.

But not everyone there was as enamoured of the ball, with some leaving whilst others were still queuing to enter.

Lisa Foster, 18, explained why she and her friends were heading to see Dave Pierce at the GUU instead: “It’s been rubbish because everyone has just been at the free pizza, so the downstairs dance floor is pretty empty.”


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