Freshers’ Week 2008 – STaG – Welcome Tent

Lucy Humphries

Glasgow’s leading Student Theatre Company, STaG, welcomed freshers to Glasgow with a lesson on the comical farce that is student life.

Beginning with ‘the top ten student posters’, many in the audience were forced to hang their heads in silent admission that, ‘Yes I have those posters, and the ones I don’t have are in my flatmates room.’

Whilst the reception started off as smiles, it soon grew into genuine laughter with the familiar sight of the keen freshers helper trying to determine just how keen his freshers were.

The tongue in cheek jokes flowed with the running themes of students’ desperate search for new identity, new sexuality and constant sex. The 30 minute slot culminated with the most finely acted performance; of a student’s perfectly pitched cry of ‘hallelujah’ in a bid for the newly coined ‘messiah grant.’

The success lay, as with so many observational routines, in the ability to resonate with shrewdly identified, slightly unfortunate yet unmistakable truths. The actors of STaG were clearly able to recognise their fellow students in the roles and as such were successful in their depiction. The audience left smiling and freshers were hopefully now prepped to avoid these haunting stereotypes that often engulf our student population in Glasgow.


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