Freshers’ Week 2008 – Subcity Party – Postgraduate Club

Gerry McKeever

Continuing from last years’ success, the first Subcity Party/Rave went down an absolute treat on the 26th. The Universities own mob of radio-freaks are proving time and time again that they really know how to get down. This latest installation in the series continued the trend of being even more pleasantly vicious and busy than the last. Headliners Simon Bryan and Ooft both played suitably ferocious sets, with David Sinclair (Killer Kitsch), Full Phat and Ally Herring also joining in the aural assault.

The crowd were consistently annihilated by monster tunes, right up until home time, with the uninitiated gobsmacked at the transformation of the usually reserved Postgrad Club. Among the rubber-legged masses you could find everything from a-typical trendy audiophiles to distinguished members of the senior University community, as these Subcity parties seem to have the power to attract from all the spheres of our delinquent population.

The ample seating and tables in the club generally provide loads of space for those needing a chillout, however on this occasion they were decorated with debauched and degenerate ravers.

These nights are fast becoming a concentrated, more intense version of an Art-school Thursday, minus the pretensions. Fair play to the Subcity crew for a pretty cool visuals show as well, including some fruity green Ayia Napa sheet lasers action. Fabulous.

The Hetherington Building itself is becoming a more appealing venue all the time, with its small, intimate setting providing the perfect location for a big sweaty jive. After a handful of government-censored beverages the spiralling staircases can become a bit of a challenge, even for those of us with the more sophisticated motor-skills…


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