Historic win for Glasgow lecturer

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A professor at the University of Glasgow has become the first woman to win the Estelle Grover Lecture Award.

Professor Mandy MacLean won the accolade in recognition of her research into pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).  She was also the first British academic to win since Professor Timothy Evans, a consultant in Thoracic Medicine at the Royal Brompton hospital, gave the lecture in 1996.

Professor MacLean`s lecture highlighted findings that explain how PAH develops, how the condition is connected to serotonin, a chemical naturally produced by the brain, and why recreational drugs such as crystal meth and speed can induce this fatal condition. Her findings lay the foundations for research into drugs that will more effectively treat the disease.

Professor MacLean expressed gratitude upon her acceptance, immediately looking to the future of her research.

She said: “I am truly honoured to give the 2008 Estelle Grover lecture. This acknowledges 15 years of my research into how the neurotransmitter serotonin is involved in this terrible disease. When it occurs in adults, it is a disease more commonly observed in women. My current research is into why there is this gender effect. I truly hope my research will lead to new drugs to treat this disease.”

The Estelle Grover Lecture Award is given biannually by the American Thoracic Society and held during the Grover Conference.

Professor Paul Hagan, dean of the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences: “We are delighted that Mandy has received this honour. It is testament to her work that the American Thoracic Society has recognised Prof. MacLean’s contribution to this vital field.”


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