SRC proposes new essay penalty policy

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The Student’s Representative Council (SRC) have produced a policy that, if passed, will standardise the penal system for late submissions of coursework.

The document suggestions include a University-wide code of marking that would apply to every academic department.

The suggested rules will have students losing one mark per day of late submission, until the possible 22 points available have all been removed.

Currently, students from different departments face a different marking scheme for any work handed in after the due date. Deductions range from one point per day to one point per week. Many departments accept late submissions after five weeks while the Archaeology department, for example, refuses to accept work after one week past the deadline.

Gavin Lee, President of the SRC, told Guardian that the proposed changes will help students to feel that they are all treated equally.

He said: “The first Council meeting was a great way to start the year, and we’re excited about the progress Council can make throughout the year. In particular, having a University-wide policy about the penalties for late submission of coursework will be an important step to all students receiving fair treatment.”

Fears by some that the penalties are overly harsh mean that Council will not pass the changes as policy until the Executive Committee has reconsidered them. A final document will most likely be presented at the next meeting of Council.


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