City planning network launched in Glasgow

Emma Harvey

It has been announced that the University of Glasgow will lead the launching of a network which is designed to bring together the leaders of major cities, in order to help them face the emerging challenges of the 21st century.Professor Trevor Davies, Development Leader of the Centre for Leaders in City-Making, explained the aims of the network.

He said: “It will provide an opportunity to acquire knowledge, understanding, insight, good policy examples, leadership skills and a network of peers.”

The schools, which will meet twice-yearly, aims to provide a showcase for civic leaders and high-profile speakers from across the world, who will give their opinion on cities and leadership. It is hoped that the centre will be of benefit to civic leaders from all over the world. The network aims to set a precedent and provide a model for future, urban, European leadership. The centre also hopes to publish research findings and policy developments.

The academic resource for the centre will be based in the Department of Urban Studies at Glasgow University, one of the largest departments of its kind in the UK, consisting of more than 30 academic and research staff.
Councillor Steven Purcell, head of Glasgow City Council believes that the centre will also benefit the general public.

He said: “Ultimately, it will help improve the services that are delivered to the public.”

Sir Muir Russell, Principal of Glasgow University, emphasised the importance of the university’s involvement.

He explained:  “This is a prime example of the University of Glasgow working with local government and the community to add value to the economy.”


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