Hot Chip – 02/11/2008 – Carling Academy

Catriona Reilly

Never has the clichéd phrase ‘the crowd was buzzing with excitement’ meant so much; by the time Hot Chip ascended to the stage of the cavernous Carling academy the crowd was ready to explode.

Initiating the frenzy, the band launched into new single ‘One Pure Thought’, setting the pace with samba driven rhythm and clanging guitar. Using their impressive technique of impromptu DJ-styled live mixing they continued into ‘Bendable Poseable.’

This technique also ensures that every live Hot Chip experience is unique, demonstrated by an extended, up-tempo ‘Boy from School’ and a percussion heavy ‘Shake a Fist,’ matching only the strobe lights in violent intensity and making the song much more dance compatible. An oddly placed rendition of ‘Touch too Much’ calmed the crowd, possibly even instilling a little boredom before again reigniting the fury with ‘Hold On,’ ‘Wrestlers’ and ‘Out at the Pictures’ running seamlessly into each other like a club mix, whilst simultaneously releasing a set of huge white balloons much to the crowd’s amusement.

This, however, was nothing compared to the effect of ‘Over and Over’ which started off ambiguously until the trademark electronic sound identified it as the 2006 hit, with the crowd chanting over and over and B-O-K-E along with Alexis, who was charmingly attired with a dad-like cream suit jacket and jeans combo. An interesting new song was also thrown in, with a combination of both soulful, melancholy and fast-paced dance styled beats promising exciting things from Hot Chip in the future.

Following this, the equally successful 2007 hit ‘Ready for the Floor,’ inspired much movement amongst the crowd and a tuneless but enthusiastic sing-along. Is it not just the songs that make the impact but the quality; every flawless live modification left you with a sense that these guys are much more than technically skilled musicians.

A brief departure left the crowd chanting ‘Here we, here we…’ and the usual pleas for a return, which were quickly answered by a re-emergence with one of their older, more sombre numbers ‘Playboy’ which had the audience swaying with its elephant-walk melody and hip hop inspired, droning chorus.

To finish the night, with most of the balloons burst, they pulsed through ‘No Fit State’ making the audience frenetic in unison and desperate for more. Hot chip are definitely not a band to disappoint – their Glasgow show offering up an exciting, quirky and novel performance, with everything needed to make sure old fans felt fulfilled, and giving new fans the impetus to come back for more.


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