Sir Muir Russell to step down in September

Sarah Smith

The Principal and Vice Chancellor of Glasgow University, Sir Muir Russell, is to step down from his post in September.

Sir Muir has held the position since 2003 when he succeeded Sir Graeme Davies. Before becoming Principal, Sir Muir served as Permanent Secretary in the Scottish Executive.

Sir Muir’s retirement from the University follows his appointment as the new Chair of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland.

Joy Travers, Vice-Chair of the University’s Court, explained the impact Sir Muir has had during his time as Principal.

She said: “Sir Muir Russell has been an outstanding Principal and the University has benefited greatly from his leadership. Over the past six years, he has taken the University forward strongly on all levels and he will leave a sound academic and financial foundation for his successor.”
A spokesman for the University explained that the process to find his replacement is currently underway.

He said: “Sir Muir Russell’s appointment runs until September 2009. He has confirmed that he wishes to retire then, and the University is making appropriate arrangements to appoint his successor. As Principal, Sir Muir will press ahead fully with the University’s ambitious plans during the next ten months.”


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