Winter investment

Isabella Poppius argues the case for splashing out on classics this season.

Harsh economic conditions of late have forced most people to think twice before opening their wallets and for an ever increasing number of savvy fashionistas this ´think before spending’ attitude is becoming an everyday matter. Since mid- summer, fashion magazines from American Elle to British Harper’s Bazaar have been carrying the torch for new ways of investing a bit more money on a few key pieces that will last you forever and update your existing wardrobe rather than spending a bullion on renewing your closet with items from the high street.

Instead of buying fad trends from Primark and New Look, think about what investment piece is going to give you the best cost-per-wear this season. Safe bets are muted tones, quality fabrics and classic tailoring. Fine knits are easy to pair up with anything and John Smedley has some exquisite fine wool polo necks and sweaters that will add preppy sophistication to any ensemble. They will set you back about a £100, but will last you forever as these styles will not go out of fashion.

A winter jacket is an essential purchase to keep you warm throughout harsh Scottish winters, and going vintage is not a bad option. It can be a unique and individual way of expressing yourself and it’s ecological at the same time. If the garment is intact to this day, it’ll surely last another few decades! Mr. Ben’s is great for furs (faux and the real thing) and there are a few vintage shops on Great Western Road that do fabulous leather jackets. If vintage is not your thing, try investing in a Barbour jacket.

It’ll keep you warm and dry and add to your fashion credentials as many a celebrity of late has been caught sporting one. If you are worried about comparisons to your Gran, then just remember to balance the look with a skirt and tights or skinny jeans tucked into boots. Cheapest ones start at an investment friendly £69.

A great tailored shirt never goes out of style and Liberty of London has given the good ol’ shirt a fashionable spin in an array of gorgeous retro print styles. There are 23 sumptuous prints to choose from and these Italian made shirts will brighten up any outfit whether you want a hint of art deco or 70’s paisley in your wardrobe. They come at £75 a pop, which is not bad considering how much wear you get out of them. The same £100 you’d spend on three tops from H&M and a pair of jeans from Topshop that would look dated the next season could result in a shirt that you could wear forever, or a fashionable Barbour jacket that will see through countless winters.

Investment buying minimizes the chances that someone else will be caught wearing the same thing you are and it rewards the people who actually put the hard work into designing their garments rather than high street labels that essentially steal, copy and recycle the ideas from them. Acting like a greedy banker who’s searching for quantity instead of quality isn’t the way to go as demonstrated by recent events, so get with the best of us and invest long-term!


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