Success for badminton duo

Suzi Higton

The Stevenson building, in conjunction with SRS (Sports and Recreation Service), recently staged its annual badminton doubles tournament. The event, which attracted a large turnout, saw last year’s runner-up duo Steven Drennan and Graeme Smith outplay reigning champions Danny Tollick and Darren Black in a tense final, to eventually winning 30-18.

After the match, Drennan was pleased with  the margin which he and Smith had secured victory:

“We thought it was going to be a lot closer than it was in the end. After playing Tollick and Black in the first round and winning narrowly. We were expecting more of a fight but it was definitely good to get payback for last year and it was a lot of fun too!”

After the success of this year’s competition which demonstrated a host of the university’s most promising new talent including semi finalists Andrew Ong and Lisa Chan who narrowly missed out on the finals, the event is certain to return next year.


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