Muscatelli announced as new Principal

Amy McGregor

It has been announced that Professor Anton Muscatelli will be the the next Principal of the University of Glasgow.

The unanimous decision of the University Court to appoint Muscatelli has been warmly received. Following the appointment, Joy Travers, Chancellor’s Assessor and Chair of the University’s Selection Committee, expressed her satisfaction with the selection.

She said: “I am delighted that the University of Glasgow has secured someone of the calibre of Anton Muscatelli to be our next Principal. In addition to being a distinguished economist, Anton brings exceptional strategic leadership and understanding of the issues facing universities at this time.

“I feel confident that, with Anton at its head, this world-class university will continue to grow from strength to strength.”

Professor Muscatelli, a University of Glasgow graduate, will begin his new role on October 1 2009, after the current Principal, Sir Muir Russell, leaves in September.

Professor Muscatelli, who currently holds the post of Principal at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, expressed his enthusiasm and hopes for the role.

He said: “Glasgow is one of the very best universities in the UK. Throughout its history it has had a major impact on the world stage, and in recent years it has significantly grown in its influence. I am excited and honoured to have been asked to succeed Muir Russell as Principal.

“As well as continuing to work towards the ambitious targets set out in the University’s plan ‘Building on Excellence’, I look forward to working with all colleagues to develop a strategic plan beyond 2010 which will  maintain our momentum and further enhance our reputation as a world-class university.”

Principal Sir Muir Russell welcomed the appointment of his successor, emphasising the qualities that Muscatelli will bring to the University.

He said: “I am very pleased that Professor Anton Muscatelli will succeed me next session. He brings great academic authority plus the experience of heading a strong, research-led university which, during his tenure as Principal, has developed new, imaginative and convincing strategies.

“His successful leadership at Universities Scotland reflects the high regard in which he is held by his colleagues in the higher education community.”

President of the SRC, Gavin Lee, expressed his hope that the new Principal would continue to help improve Glasgow University for its students.

He told Guardian: “The SRC are delighted to welcome Professor Anton Muscatelli as incoming Principal. We have worked closely with Sir Muir Russell during his tenure and look forward to continuing a productive relationship with Anton.

“Professor Muscatelli has proven very popular with student representatives in his role at Heriot Watt and the SRC is looking forward to working with him to continue to improve the student experience at Glasgow.”


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