GUSA elections attract competition

Ross Mathers

This year’s Glasgow University Sports Association Council elections are set to be the biggest for years, with many of its positions hotly contested.

There are 16 positions to be filled with 12 of these requiring no past place in the council. One year in the council is needed to be elected as President, Vice President Clubs, Vice President Recreation, or Secretary.

Ruth Humphreys and Stephen Flavahan are the candidates competing for the coveted position of president, both having had past experience in the council as Secretary and Vice President of Clubs respectively.

The position of president involves not only the general running of GUSA and representation of student sport at Glasgow, but involvement in development planning and maintaining a close relationship with the SRS management.

However the presidency is not the only sought-after position with more than 20 of 2008’s Freshers’ Helpers and club members already in the running for the six Ordinary Member positions.

GUSA Secretary, Ruth Humphreys, explained that attempts to publicise the elections had resulted in high levels of interest.

She told Guardian: “It is looking like these will be the biggest elections to date for GUSA with lots of interest already shown. There has also been lots of advertising to try and raise the profile of the elections.”

The elections are set to take place on March 10 and voting will take place in the Stevenson Building reception from 9am-5pm. In order to do so, voters must be current members of the Sport and Recreation.

Stephen Flavahan, speaking to Guardian, explained the importance of voting.

He said: “Voter apathy has been a big issue for all student organisations at one time or another but students need to ensure they vote at this election so that the problems I know students are facing — rising gym membership costs, Kelvin Hall closure and limited club funding — can be tackled.”


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