GUU declares by-election


Sarah Smith

The next president of the Glasgow University Union has been decided before the polls open due to a mistake on an application form made by one of the nominees.

22-year old Sports Medicine student, Chris Jubb, will not face a public election after the nomination form of fellow candidate, Graeme Ker was rejected for being completed incorrectly.

At the close of nominations on February 26, a number of board positions did not have any candidates. These included the significant roles of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.

Other positions on the GUU board will be subject to a by-election later this month, again due to candidates submitting wrongly filled out application forms.

Only one student put himself forward for the position of Games Convenor and, after his nomination form was rejected, there will be another by-election in order to fill this post.

There will also be a by-election for one of the Present Student Member positions after a number of students were disqualified due to mistakes made on their application forms.

Current GUU President, Chris Birrell, explained that candidates are made aware of the fact that their application risks being rejected if it is not completed accurately.

He told Guardian: “There are strict legal procedures for charities and it says on the forms that they must be filled in correctly or they will be thrown out.

“I think it is a shame that so many have been filled out wrongly this year but it is up to the candidates themselves to make sure that everything is in order before they submit their application.”

Birrell made clear that, although the situation was not ideal, he was confident that Jubb would do well as his successor.

He said: “Chris is a really good candidate and I think he will be a great president.”

GUU members will be able to vote on March 5 with polls open from 9am-7pm in the Debates Chamber. The results are expected to be announced later that evening.


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