The Scream comes to Glasgow

Craig MacLellan

Edvard Munch’s most famous artwork, ‘The Scream’, is due to go on display at the Hunterian Art Gallery this summer.

The print arrives in Glasgow in June as part of a major loan exhibition from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.

The exhibition will be the largest of its kind to be exhibited in the UK for over 35 years and will feature 40 of Munch’s finest prints, etchings and woodcuts.
The works have been chosen to illustrate his development as a graphic artist and includes examples of work from throughout his career.

The show will include the iconic black and white lithograph, ‘The Scream’.

Munch’s two original colour versions of ‘The Scream’ are no longer lent outside Norway and have been kept under tight security after the theft and later return of one of the paintings.

This will be the final chance for visitors to see this print outside Norway, as the Hunterian will be the last ever art gallery to receive the work on loan.

Other works in the exhibition include his lithographs ‘Madonna’ and ‘Self-portrait’ and the woodcut ‘Melancholy’.

The exhibition is part of a loan agreement that will see works by James McNeill Whistler, currently on display at the Hunterian Art Gallery, travel to Oslo.

Mungo Campbell, Deputy Director of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, believes that the exhibition demonstrates the influence carried by the gallery.

He explained: “This is truly a unique opportunity and would not have come about without the extraordinary international reputation of the Hunterian for its collections and exhibition programme.

“Munch is one of the very few artists whose work can be truly said to be globally recognised; they are images that belong to us all and, whatever your interest in art, this is a unique opportunity to engage with these masterpieces on your doorstep.

“Much of his influence as an artist has come down to us through his printmaking; these are often the most powerful versions of his most widely recognised images.”

Magne Bruteig, Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Munch Museum, Oslo, also believes that the Scottish people will benefit greatly from the exhibition.

He explained: “Many people worldwide find something meaningful and fascinating in Munch’s art – I believe the Scots will too.

“He was a groundbreaking graphic artist, developing further the work of Whistler in this medium.

“Since the Scottish public should be well acquainted with Whistler, it will hopefully appreciate a key figure of the next generation of graphic artists.”

Mr Bruteig also explained that Glasgow would be the final city to host ‘The Scream’ as it will no longer be allowed to be displayed outside of Norway after concerns were raised that the travelling could cause damage.

He said: “All our Scream works are executed on paper or cardboard, which are light sensitive materials. To protect them from further damage due to light exposure, our policy now is that none of these works should be shown outside the Munch museum in the future.”

The exhibition, which is expected to attract in the region of 30,000 visitors, will run from June 12 until September 5.


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