Photo: Olivia Vitazkova

GUU President Chris Jubb forced to resign

Photo: Olivia Vitazkova

Photo: Olivia Vitazkova

Ross Mathers

Only five months after becoming President of the Glasgow University Union (GUU), Chris Jubb has resigned.

A by-election for the position has been declared for October 8 after the Union endured Freshers’ Week without a president.

Jubb stood for the position of GUU President in the elections held in March, but won by default when his competitor’s nomination form was deemed invalid.

Jubb, a Sports Medicine student, was forced to step down due to academic reasons and resigned at a Full Board Meeting on July 28.

Honorary Secretary for the GUU, Nicola Wilkinson, has been Acting President since the resignation and explained that Jubb was no longer attending the University of Glasgow.

She said: “If you’re not a student, you can’t be on the Board of Management.”

Wilkinson then explained how the GUU has coped in the wake of Jubb’s resignation, claiming that although it has been difficult, there have been no significant problems.

She said: “I have had the highest level of support from the other Board members which has made running the GUU successful and resulted in a fantastic Freshers’ Week.

“The Board have all pulled together and got the GUU through a tough period.”

Matthew Perkins, a 3rd year student and GUU member, said: “The GUU seems to be running as normal lately but it does seem like another blow for them.”

Nominations for the vacancy opened on September 28 and will close on October 1.

Chris Jubb was unavailable for comment.


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