Peter Kelly

However, for all the early bluster and cutting edge sales performance, the album itself is fairly standard shoegaze indie-rock affair. The instrumental aspect seems to hit a trudging middle ground between an anthemic Coldplay and a chilled-out The Twilight Sad, while the vocals veer from sounding like a stunted Sigur Ros to a less earnest Sunny Day Real Estate.

If stadium-sized post-indie is your thing then you could do a lot worse than this, although with all the talk of online sales success it's hard not to feel underwhelmed. The guitar production could do with tidying up, although this is perhaps understandable given the DIY ethic behind the album.

When Union does hit the right notes it can soar high like the best of its peers. Not too high, mind you — anything above the navel and the fan base is likely to miss it altogether.

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