Spate of mugging attacks in the West End

Craig MacLellan

Students have been warned to be extra vigilant after a series of muggings on Queen Margaret Drive.

Three attacks have occurred over the last month, two of which took place within a week of each other. In each case, the victim was either approached or followed by the suspect, before being threatened and forced to hand over their money.

The police believe the same man has carried out all three attacks and are appealing for the public’s help in identifying him.

The suspect is described as being in his early 20s, about 5ft 8in with short brown hair, dressed in a grey hooded top with detailing on it.

Detective Sergeant Mark Sutherland of Strathclyde Police said: “In all three incidents, the suspect would appear to have been in possession of some kind of pointed implement which he threatened the victims with.”

Earlier in the year, Guardian exposed the concerns many Murano Street residents had over their safety and it seems that the situation is yet to improve.

Despite the attacks taking place on one of the main routes for students walking back to Murano Street Student Village from the university, none of the students Guardian contacted have been made aware of the situation.

David Calendar, a first year Music student, believes that the management of Murano Street should be alerting students to such incidents.

He explained: “They should be informing students when things like this happen so we know to be on the look-out.”

Inga Gara, a first year Economics student, said she did her best not to walk back to Murano Street by herself at night.

She said: “I try not to walk back by myself. I either get a taxi or try and walk with other people.”

Catlin Raper, a first year Medical student, believes that the university could make the route safer with additional lighting.

She said: “They could improve the lighting on the alley and on the bridge to make the general area safer for students who are walking back by themselves late at night.”

Laura Laws, Student Representatives’ Council (SRC) President, advises students to make every effort not to walk home by them at night.

She said: “The SRC would like to advise all students living in all areas of Glasgow to avoid walking home alone at night.

“Instead they should try and walk home with friends, take a free SRC minibus or use public transport when returning home.

“However, we realise that sometimes students do have to walk home alone and we would advise them on these instances to try to walk along well-lit streets and avoid dark and badly-lit areas on the way home.”

Laws was also keen to point out that the SRC was on hand to offer help to students who felt vulnerable when walking to and from Murano Street.

She explained: “It is important that students also take every precaution to stay safe. To help students who may feel vulnerable especially when walking home alone late at night,
the SRC Advice Centre offers students free attack alarms for extra protection and security.”

Anyone with information which can help identify the suspect is asked to contact Maryhill Police Office on 0141 532 3700.


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