Glasgow tops crime league table

Ross Mathers

Photo: Sarah Ann Lee

New figures have revealed that Glasgow has the worst crime rate of Scotland’s four university cities.

The statistics for 2005-08, published by the Complete University Guide, show that people in Glasgow are more likely to be victims of crime than those living in Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Dundee.

The study considers burglary, violence and robbery as the three main categories before calculating a total figure for the number of people per 1000 of the population who have been victim to one of these crimes.

For Glasgow, the rate shows 10 people in every 1000 have suffered from crime compared to 7 in Edinburgh, 6.6 in Dundee and 6.3 in Aberdeen.

Glasgow also fared badly in the specific categories with the highest rate of robberies and a level of violence more than three times higher than any of the other Scottish cities.

A spokesperson said that the University considers student safety a top priority.

He explained: “The personal safety of our students is of paramount importance to the University. Safety messages are constantly reinforced by staff at the SRC [Students’ Representative Council], student unions and at all student residences.

“Student organisations liaise closely with police on a continual basis to ensure that student safety is maintained.”

Statistics from previous years show that although Glasgow’s crime rate remains disproportionately high, it is decreasing.

Figures from two years ago reveal 13 people per 1000 were victims of crime in Glasgow, with this number dropping to 11.1 per 1000 last year.

Laura Laws, SRC President, explained that the SRC work closely with Strathclyde police to protect the safety of students.

She said: “The SRC participated in talks with Strathclyde police for first years staying in student halls, and meets regularly with them at local community council and city-wide safety meetings.

“The SRC also provide a guide to student security and safety online at and we would advise all students to take a few simple steps during term time (e.g. locking all doors and windows and sticking to well-lit areas of the city at night), to help combat the problem of crime in the city.”


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