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Union elections enjoy mixed results

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Adam Campbell

Glasgow University’s student bodies have seen mixed levels of support in the recent series of elections.

The elections held at the Queen Margaret Union (QMU) saw an increase in voter turnout, whilst the turnout at the recent Glasgow University Union (GUU) by-election was extremely low.

The QMU elections were held for the Ordinary Board positions on the Board of Management as well as both Social Convenor and Former Student Member.

At the GUU, one of the positions for Present Student Member (PSM) was being contested. The election on November 26 saw a low turnout with only 5% of the 4,700 eligible students voting.

GUU President Dom Boyle blamed the recent poor weather and forthcoming December exams for the low turnout.

In contrast the QMU saw over 400 voters turn out to elect members to the Board of Management on November 12, in their first elections of the year.

QMU President Aaron Murray was pleased by the turnout.

He said: “The level of competition for places on the Board and the turnout increased remarkably for this election. We are delighted that the Board can now go forward with an increased mandate from our membership.”

The positions on the Ordinary Board at the QMU were fiercely contested with 18 candidates competing for just 8 positions.

This was reflected in the position of Ordinary Board C, which was the closest election of the day, with Andy Davis taking the final position following four rounds of counting and a full recount.

The other Ordinary Board positions were won by Katie Petheringtonbridge, Siobhan McCloskey, David Bradley, Charles Chisolm and Lewis Sparks.

The board positions reserved for first year students were won by Oliver Milne and Ashleigh Willis.

The position of Social Convener was uncontested and won by default by Graeme Stewart, who has held the position of Ad Hoc Social Convener since August.

The positions of Former Student Member also went uncontested and were filled by Fraser Ross and former board member Chris Hall.

Laura Laws, President of the SRC, expressed her support for the new board members.

She said: “I wish the new board members every success for their term in office and have no doubt that the SRC and QMU will continue to work well together in the future.”

The GUU by-election was called after two PSMs stood down due to university commitments.
The uncontested position of PSM until 2010 was won by Rory Smith.

The other PSM, who will sit on the Board of Management until 2011, was contested by two candidates, both of whom had already run for the post of PSM this year.

Jamie Kidd was elected, though with a slim majority of just 25 out of the 239 votes cast.

Dom Boyle congratulated the newly elected PSMs, saying: “I am glad that we once again have a full Board of Management, and I’m looking forward to working with the new Board members over the next few months.”


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