Tom Bonnick

Mercifully, the intermittent drug abuse hasn’t tampered with Scott-Heron’s powerful, gravelly baritone. Opening track On Coming From A Broken Home and the incredible Where Did The Night Go both recall The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, with their spoken vocals and sparse, synthesised beat, but they are more mellow, indicative of Scott- Heron’s advanced years and ascendence to the position of American Blues’ elder statesmen. There is a moving rendition of Robert Johnson’s Me And The Devil, which Scott-Heron somehow contrives to makes more desperately baleful than his predecessor, and an excellent concession to his piano-playing R&B days with I’ll Take Care Of You. It may not have the urgency of some of his earlier work, but I’m New Here proves unquestionably how relevant a figure Scott-Heron remains.

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