On Saturday the 13th October, the women’s 1st team took on St.Andrews University on their home courts at Garscube. The tennis season started with mixed fortune for the women’s teams.

For Karina Waddel and Sarah McConachie it was a tougher day at the nets, as their opponents proved to be very strong competitors, considering they were no.3 & 4 on the St.Andrews team. Both home players lost their singles and doubles matches, but they fought for every point and covered every inch of the home court, and were commended by their team captain for trying to salvage something from the fixture.

Overall the team played well together, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves at this opening fixture.

As Sarah Livingstone quoted “it was nice to get back in to the swing of things”. In the end a draw wasn't such a bad result for Glasgow, as this time last year they lost to St.Andrews!

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