Get involved: Guardian explores the world of fencing

The University Fencing Club are a large but friendly group who welcome members of all abilities to come and try this ancient and noble sport.

The club train twice a week at the Kelvin Hall International sports arena and state all you require to take up the sport is to bring “yourself, trackies, a t-shirt and trainers” along to a training sesssion. All equipment to get you started is provided by the club including the foil, epee, and sabre, with all the training under the guidance of experienced, professional fencing coaches, perfect for new entrants to the sport.

The club offer beginner’s courses and group lessons and they also train new members up to competition standard. This allows students to have the opportunity to go on and compete for the University at beginners only competitions – a great confidence giver and a chance to represent the University against other fencers at the same level from across the UK.
Fencing combines physical activity with skill, control, aggression and a sophisticated mind-set and is often described as a form of physical chess. The sport is well known for requiring the attributes of speed, tactics, competitive agression, technical accomplishment, balance, timing, enthusiasm, aim, strength and fitness, and if these interest you then fencing may well be the sport for you.

As if that wasn’t enough, the club offer a try-before-you-buy offer, in which the club allows students the chance to try the sport before paying for a full- or half-year membership. All novice and beginner fencers can attend four training sessions at the Kelvin Hall as a trial period, for both the club and the sport, to see if it’s for you before the full membership fee is required.

Glasgow has a strong record in student competitions, thanks to the clubs top-class coaches Dave Rollo and Ian Hunter, and they strive to give everyone the opportunity to enter team and individual competitions at all levels. These range from inter-club “friendly” competitions (as friendly as you can get when you’re wielding a sword!) to the Scottish student beginners, all the way up to the BUSA Individual and Team Championships.
New members are welcome all year round, with an introductory course running from September to Christmas. So whether you want to try fencing for the first time, get back into the sport after a year or two away, or continuing fencing at the highest levels, the University of Glasgow fencing club may be for you.

Membership costs £35 per year or £20 per half year and all club income goes towards the upkeep of club kit, paying coaching costs, competition entry fees. The club also subsidises travel and accomodation for all members competing at competitions.

As with all other GUSA sports clubs, for insurance purposes you must be a member of the SRS (The Stevenson Building Gym) before joining the club.
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