‘In The Company of Wolves’

Andrew Houston

This month’s event was a visual treat. The show was themed on the iconic television show Twin Peaks by David Lynch, and here they certainly took advantage of one of Lynch’s most celebrated (and wonderfully kitsch) works.

The space was cleverly utilised, turning the well-used Sub Club into an intoxicating and immersive atmosphere. The space was divided into three sections: the back space of the venue contained work by visual artists Claudia Nova and Rachael Sharpe, both students at GSA. The installation Dream Space offered a reaction to the setting with visceral paintings by Sharpe which depicted surrealist imagery partnered with a dark, Gothic aesthetic. The piece by Nova was a sculpture which directly referenced the Twin Peaks theme, depicting a hand emerging from a mountain constructed of colour and glitter. The work gave an interesting new dimension to the space, and was a clever addition to the event which enforced the idea of escapist decadence.

The event presented work from a vast selection of designers. As the lights went up and the show began, the first designer being Lilly Wiggler’s beautiful hand made corsets. This was followed by Sally Ann Provan, Jennie Loof, Jane Gowans, Catherine Aiken, Ten 30 and Anna Whyte. After a short intermission in which attendees could socialize with the designers, models walked for Chou Chou couture, dazed Dorothy, Hilary Lang, Oui designs, Betty Spoke, Mee Mee Couture and Mark Conlin. The styling was fantastic, the models’ hair and make-up (by Rainbow Rooms and LCR make-up) evoked a new-age sense of romance; exotic and yet unfailingly ethereal. The stand out collections included Jane Gowans’ 2010 ‘Matchstick’ which included beautifully made and innovative jewellery. I was also impressed by Ten 30’s heavily embroidered and well structured garments and Mark Conlin’s innovative use of material and pattern. The work was of an exceptional quality and the collections were both intruiging and innovative.

Having attended the previous ‘In the Company of Wolves’ in the spring, I had high expectations. However, I was surprised again by the extensive attention to detail, aesthetic consideration and overall success of the event.


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