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Laura Stockwell

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
The Garage

After a significant time away from Scotland (discussions with the crowd eventually calculated it had been one and a half years since his last visit) Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – otherwise known as Sam Duckworth – made his outstanding return to Glasgow. Taking to the stage with an energetic version of single Collapsing Cities, the standard for the evening was set. The crowd were in good voice, aiding Sam with his classic track I-Spy.

Despite a few technical glitches, the band were tight and it seemed all seemed pleased to be back on tour. The set continued with numerous tracks from the newly released eponymous album. Unfortunately many tracks were unknown to the audience, but this didn’t seem to faze Duckworth who continued to perform passionately. The much anticipated political discussion from the Southend balladeer appeared before his rendition of Glasshouses, a track discussing immigration.

During this speech, Duckworth managed to congratulate the Scots numerous times on the lack of BNP seats in the area and continually praised our frequent protests and stands against racism and fascism.

After this educational aspect to the evening, Sam pleased the crowd with Call Me Ishmael and a stunning version of The Uprising, informing us that we could all make a difference.

Returning to the stage for an encore, Duckworth performed a chilling and highly emotional version of his track, Once More With Feeling. Duckworh was clearly teary-eyed as he performed, after confessing that it had been a long and hard 7 years since he wrote the first album. the response highlighted the strong bond which had been formulated between singer and audience.

The evening ended with a version of album track, Morning Light, a bouncy, energetic end to the evening. After the many thanks from Duckworth and the band, and the appreciation shown by the crowd, a beautiful night of music came to an end. With the crowd truly moved and touched by the music, we hope it will not be quite as long before adopted citizen of Glasgow, Sam Duckworth, returns.

Laura Stockwell


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