Hype Williams - Find Out What Happens when People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Reel (De Stijl, 06/12/10)

Whoever they are, they have a sense of humour. Find Out opens with a gurgling, auto-tune adjusted wail. As if this wasn’t bizarre enough, it’s followed by a dead-pan, monotone recital of pokemon, followed by “gotta catch ‘em all, gotta catch ‘em all, yeah, pokemon, I want to be the best there ever was.”

The tragedy of this album is it never quite lives up to this early, weird, tongue-in-cheek promise. The Throning is probably the stand out track, and a particularly interesting cacophony of beats and melodies is developed on Jesus To A Child Reprise. Their sound is comparable to Nosaj Thing, like a weird distant cousin of Mount Kimbie. Unfortunately, much of the album is a little empty, as though they’ve stayed true to their minimalist style at the expensive of excluding a few of their highly original ideas. This album isn't for everyone, but if you do happen to enjoy music of a slightly less coventional nature, there are few albums better than this that you could put on your Christmas wish list.

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