(Warner Bros, 29/11/10)

The album starts in a direct and focused manner, laying down their intent to play pleasant but not overly adventurous music with the soaring Scissor Runner and the Taxman-esque staccato groove of My Pet Snakes, the latter addressing any concerns regarding romantic over indulgence in an endearingly playful manner. Yet they until the close to explode into life, with Committed sliding into near breakneck rock and roll tomfoolery ensuring an arresting finish, complete with such splendid lyrics as ‘For God for Country/ For Michael Jackson’s Monkey’.

For those more in tune with Lewis as part of Rilo Kiley, I’m Having Fun Now will no doubt prove to be an unsatisfactory stopgap, yet Rice's interjections certainly prove a fitting foil to Lewis’ daintiness. For the rest of us this is a simple and enticing collection of songs from a couple that sound as if they are genuinely having fun. They’re young, they’re pretty, they’re talented, and they have made some delightful music; what is there not to enjoy?

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