Angela Steel: The Seven Deadly Sins.

Laura Stockwell

Glasgow based artist, Angela Steel, has certainly turned the concept of medieval glass painting on its head with her exhibition ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’. The seven pieces of artwork are displayed effectively in the dark foyer of the ‘The Arches’ – atmospheric doesn’t quite cover it. Lit by minuscule backlighting, the exhibition certainly takes you a long way away from the bustling Argyle Street outside. Although the seven deadly sins are not thought to be pleasant things in the first place, Steel has taken this unpleasantness to a deeper level. The viewer is forced to observe mutilations and sexual corruption while being dragged into a world that challenges the sensibilities of life. Despite some of the graphic displays, it would be difficult not to feel drawn in by the artwork of Steel. The use of colour, and medieval drawing style create and air of the historic about the paintings which make them easier to accept. The exhibition is not a long one (and to be perfectly honest, it would not be difficult to pass it without realising it even existed). However, if you fancy a brief 10-15 minute artistic element to your day, this is perfect. Its briefness acts to its advantage, this short burst of historic horror will stick in your mind for the remainder of the day, if not the week. Definitely something to think about!


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