GURC member raises her game for charity

A member of the Glasgow University Riding Club is aiming to raise as much money as possible on a Charity Trek to help children in Uganda.

Tess Murphy will be going to Kinyamaseke, in Uganda, to teach English at St. Barnabas school for 5 weeks from the beginning of August. During this time she will live with a host family and is aiming to do everything she can to help during her time in the country.

Northern Uganda has been ravaged by war in recent years, with a rebel army causing chaos for those living there. Although there is now a certain amount of peace, there are still many people living in displacement camps, and many children have lost parents due to the war, or disease. There are also many children who have been left traumatised due to being forced into a life of slavery by the rebels, with some being forced into working as child soldiers or domestic/sex slaves. There have even been cases of children who have been forced to kill their own parents in order to survive.

Tess is hoping her time teaching in Uganda can enrich the childrens lives along with bringing some sense of normality back. As Tess explains: “Education plays a huge roll in these children’s lives, allowing them to get back into a normal routine and focus on the future”.

To help raise funds for the trip Tess will be walking the Three Peaks in Yorkshire in March with her family. She is hoping to raise enough money to donate to the school and to buy supplies to take over on her trip.

“I would love if anyone could sponsor me, anything at all, no matter how small would make such a difference to their lives”

For more information visit the facebook fundraising page ‘Mandy & Tess’ trip to Uganda’ or email [email protected]


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