Men 2nd Kyu and Above:


Gold – Jamel Tahar Aissa, Glasgow

Silver – Luke, Naunton, Aberdeen

Bronze – Jamie Whitelaw, Glasgow

Bronze – Anthony Stevenson, UWS


Gold – Michal Duczmal, Edinburgh

Silver – Dale Findlay, Strathclyde

Bronze – Connor McSharry, Glasgow


Gold – Oliver Triggs, Edinburgh

Silver – Roy Shepherd, Edinburgh

Bronze – Ben Irvine, Edinburgh

Bronze  – Danny Campbell, Glasgow

Men 3rd – 5th Kyu:


Gold – Calum McIlraith, Glasgow

Silver – Tom Julian, Edinburgh

Bronze – George Headley, Strathclyde


Gold – David Mclellan, Strathclyde                  Silver – Petar Davidkov, Aberdeen

Men’s Open:

Gold – Roy Shepherd, Edinburgh

Silver – Artem Barkanov, Edinburgh

Bronze – Alex Loh, Edinburgh

Bronze – Dimitri Petrov, Edinburgh

Women’s Open:

Gold – Caroline Brayson, Glasgow

Silver – Nicola McIlraith, Aberdeen

Bronze – Louise Murray, Glasgow


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Roy Shepherd

This was one of the most devastating losses in my careers, but it couldn’t have been to a more deserving top lad.

Caroline "Embracin' Bracin'" Brayson

For the record I weighed in at 51.9kg

Char-char Potter

Oli was so happy when he came home after this event. He kept telling me it had been the best performance he’d ever had, apart from the time he almost beat Scott McKeating, moments before getting rolling strangled. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Continuing on from the above …

… and what a performance it was from young Oliver! That was the day my old toy boy Roy let me down for the last time. Since that day, I only invited him to be USIST team captain because he was known to bring a mediocre whisky along.

Mama Duczmal

Estamos muy orgullosos del pequeño Meehaal!!! 🇪🇸 🇪🇸

Simon Goodman

I wasn’t there for this event. It was a few years before I had been approached by Tom Julian and Oliver Triggs, outside the CSE on that fateful day that changed the course of my life forever. Regardless, I know practically everyone on this list of medalists so I felt like I had to comment. If the Glasgow Guardian is looking to do a story on me and my journey into the judo community, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d also be happy to write a weekly column on politics. You can get me at [email protected]

Nikita ‘The Floppy Fringe’d Russian’ Panov

Uhhh, Guys! Can’t believe I missed this! So crazy!!!

Jeffrey Epstein

Hi all,
Let me start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with either the Glasgow Guardian, nor Scottish University Sport. But from what I hear on the International Circuit, this was a bloody great event. Well done to all who competed.

Ivan “To Be Let Out The Coach Toilet” Kroupin

I was supposed to be competing in the men’s open weight division. I met the boys in the morning and we got a coach over to Glasgow. I made the schoolboy error of going for a wee and sadly spent the rest of the day jammed into the toilet, in a state of frustrated claustrophobia. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, and just hope that I can compete next year.

The University of Edinburgh Karate Club

We are so sorry to hear that you went through this experience. Please know that you are not alone. Everyone should have the right to feel safe in a martial arts society.

Richard ‘Kiss the Tatami’ Gao

Legit top lad, Oliver Triggs! Roy is such a G.I.M.P.


Annoying Canadian Mike

Anyone wanna roll after you get back from this? I’m currently ranked number 1 on the Canadian newaza scene 🇨🇦 🥇

Alice Halliwell’s flatmate


Haddaway, -81kg

What is love?
don’t hurt me

Johnny Bravo

Beginner judoka needed for rolling around at competitions (and after) by attractive female with normal smile

George Kerr, 10th Dan, Every Box Ticked

As a player, I’ve achieved all there is to achieve. As a coach, I’ve achieved all there is to achieve. I am Mr Judo. Remember the name. Fort Minor.

Kenny Graham

Hey Guys, eh, just wondering if there’s a wee El Bario’s party going on after this, tonight?

Patrick Morgan.

I’m not quite sure I understand the humour in any of this….

Morgan’s Spiced

Nice and spicy

Paul Geraghty‘s Ponytail™️

So as I’m writing this, I can feel myself feeling guilty. As far as the average life goes for a ponytail, I have it pretty good. I’m washed at least 5 times per fortnight (not withstanding being egged). I do what I want. I’m soooo addicted. *

* to Pantene for Samurai™️.

But there is always this part of me, nagging away at the roots, that just screams out; wouldn’t it be amazing to be more than a ponytail? Imagine being an actual person. Wow.

Frank Taylor

Hi not gonna be judo tonyt, car broken, do warm up and uchikomi and Randori

USIST Pirate Matey

Yarrr, it be a great tournament this! In all my years sailing the seven seas I’ve never taken such a deep inhale of breath as I did during the -81’s final. Arrrrgh!

Ole Bischof’s shorts

Hands down, the best performance I’ve ever been part of.

Tiago Camilo‘s tracksuit top

110% agree with the shorts.

Scottish Institute of Sport Patch

Bloody give me back! I’ve been affixed to a revoltingly yellow North Face duffel bag for about a decade too long.

David Attenborough, 3rd Kyu (BJC)

It began, in Africa

Oliver Triggs (Originally from LDN but lived in EDI since I was 7)

Essentially *hands clap*, this is what happens when you’re unemployed and have too much time on your clapping hands. Revelling in the nostalgia of past judo events really helps me feel like a newborn soul.