Men 2nd Kyu and Above:

Gold - Jamel Tahar Aissa, Glasgow

Silver - Luke, Naunton, Aberdeen

Bronze - Jamie Whitelaw, Glasgow

Bronze - Anthony Stevenson, UWS


Gold - Michal Duczmal, Edinburgh

Silver - Dale Findlay, Strathclyde

Bronze - Connor McSharry, Glasgow


Gold - Oliver Triggs, Edinburgh

Silver - Roy Shepherd, Edinburgh

Bronze - Ben Irvine, Edinburgh

Bronze  - Danny Campbell, Glasgow

Men 3rd - 5th Kyu:


Gold - Calum McIlraith, Glasgow

Silver - Tom Julian, Edinburgh

Bronze - George Headley, Strathclyde


Gold - David Mclellan, Strathclyde                  Silver - Petar Davidkov, Aberdeen

Men’s Open:

Gold - Roy Shepherd, Edinburgh

Silver - Artem Barkanov, Edinburgh

Bronze - Alex Loh, Edinburgh

Bronze - Dimitri Petrov, Edinburgh

Women’s Open:

Gold - Caroline Brayson, Glasgow

Silver - Nicola McIlraith, Aberdeen

Bronze - Louise Murray, Glasgow

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