SRC elections spring into gear

Philine Apenburg

The nominations for Glasgow University’s Students’ Representative Council (GUSRC) spring elections have been taken in and confirmed.

In the election the positions on the Council for academic officers, welfare officers, and sabbatical officers will be open for election.

The structure of the SRC Council has been changed in order to reflect the new structure of the University. The positions of faculty convenors have been replaced with college and school convenors

There have been other changes in the structure of the SRC Council. The position of Charities officer has been merged into one position with the Clubs and Societies Officer, now called Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer, with Sairah Tariq, Julia Tracey, Jamie Henfrey and James Orr contesting the position. The office of Environmental Officer has been added to the SRC Council and Ellen Docherty and Gintare Masiulyte are running for this post. While the Woman’s Interest Officer, has been replaced by Gender Equality Officer.

Many of the school representative positions remain vacant, with only four out of the eighteen positions being contested, while other positions such as Medicine, Veterinary and Life Science Convenor attracting only one candidate.

All four sabbatical positions are up for elections; these are the SRC officers who work full time, for an annual salary of £15, 292.

The sabbatical positions are the SRC President and three Vice-Presidents, VP Student Support, VP Learning and Development and VP Media and Communications.

James Foley, Stuart Ritchie and Desmond McKenna are running for SRC President.

Razvan Balaban, James Harrison, Kenneth Law, Marc Smith, Neal Robb and Cormac Beagan have been nominated for the office of VP (Learning and Development).

Oliver Milne, Dij Davies, Amy Johnson and Jamshed Ashmedov are contesting for the position of VP (Student Support).

For the position of VP (Media and Communications) Ross Mathers, John Donaldson, Fida Muhammad, Sean Anderson and Iain Smith have been nominated.

The elections are preceded by a hustings meeting, where the candidates are asked questions about the role. As a result of last year’s high turnout for the heckling meeting, two hustings are being held this year, one on February 28 for the non-sabbatical positions and one for the sabbatical positions taking place on Tuesday March 1.

Voting for the SRC elections takes place over two days, March 2 and March 3.


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